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Boutique Yard Sale for CAG: Saturday, September 16th, 8 am - 12 Noon

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Act Locally Golden is planning its next event, and we hope you’ll come and support it since, in turn, it’ll help CAG!

Act Locally Golden is a local group dedicated to supporting local nonprofits. Each year, their members vote on a nonprofit to support for the following year. In 2023, they selected CAG! We are incredibly grateful for their support.

The Boutique Yard Sale for CAG is a follow-up event to Act Locally Golden's Shop for a Cause event that took place in late August. Act Locally Golden's co-founder Audrey kept some of the higher-end items. They will be available again during the Mountain Ridge neighborhood Garage Sale on Saturday, September 16th, 2023, on Coyote Ct., a tiny cul-de-sac in Golden. You won't be able to miss Audrey’s yard sale!

All prices will be discounted from the Shop for a Cause price, and we will also have new items. Please note that ONLY items sold by Audrey will benefit CAG. But while you're there, stroll through the entire Mountain Ridge neighborhood Garage Sale. While the other items do not benefit CAG, you might still find a good bargain!

We hope to see you there!

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