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CAG began in May of 1965 in a small out-building of the Calvary Episcopal Church. Churches in Golden worked together to create the thrift store, where low-income families could have access to reduced-price clothing and household goods. 

As it became clear that this program had a very positive impact on the community, the people involved introduced a food pantry to further improve the lives of those in need. Thanks to a generous donation by the Foss Family, in 1998 we found our permanent location across from the Coors Brewery at 1401 Ford Street in Golden. 


Nowadays, all operations are managed by a director, two employees and a staff of volunteers. All food and supplies are made possible by donations, proceeds from the thrift store, and volunteer hours from the community. To volunteer your time, please fill out the application form on our donate page.


CAG strives to provide support and empathy in an inclusive, safe, and judgement-free environment. We welcome everyone with an open mind without exception!


“I’m gay. Will I feel welcome?”

Yes, we welcome everyone. No matter your gender identity or sexual orientation. 

“I’m uncomfortable because I’m trans and worried that I won’t be accepted.”

We do not judge, and welcome everyone who is in need. This is a safe place to be you. 

“I’m a white collar worker and I’ve fallen on hard times. It is very difficult for me to ask for help.”

Regardless of your situation in life or your backstory, we are welcoming to you and provide a comfortable and safe place for all. 

“I’m living in unincorporated Golden, can I become a Food Pantry client?”

Yes, it is our goal to focus on local individuals and families, so our food pantry clients are vetted before they are accepted. The program is limited to people living in zip codes 80401 and 80403.

CAG's Objectives

  • To stock and sell gently-used clothing and household goods in our thrift store to provide funds to support facility operations including the purchase of food pantry supplies.

  • To establish and maintain a staff of volunteers for operating the thrift store and food pantry. To seek volunteers who manifest the values of respect, collaboration, and service to others.

  • To develop and maintain connection with other community outreach services including local government, schools, churches, businesses, social services, civic organizations, and individuals.

  • To refer clients to supporting services to address any additional personal and financial needs.

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