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2023 Summer Fresh Food Program Kickoff

Summer is almost here, and this year we’re partnering with BGoldN to pilot our Summer Fresh Food Program. The program runs from summer through the early fall months, providing households who use our Fresh Food Pantry with more access to fresh, healthy and locally grown foods.

Each month during the program, families selected to participate receive a debit card preloaded with $100-$250 (depending on family size). The debit card can be used at select retailers at the Golden Farmer’s Market, GoFarm’s Mobile Market or CSA program, and Wheat Ridge Poultry & Meat.

This program gives families access to fresh foods while helping CAG research how to better strengthen Golden’s food system for all residents. We will ask participants to submit receipts for their monthly purchases to assist us with this research.

We’re excited to expand fresh food access to our clients while learning from this program. We’ll be sure to share updates!

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