Support CAG financially

Thank you for your interest in contributing to CAG and to our community!  To make it easy for you we can accept donations in the following ways:

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  • Mail a Check to:


         1401 Ford St. 

         Golden, CO 80401

  • Donate using PayPal by clicking the button to the right:

Donate time

​Thank you for your interest in volunteering for CAG!  We would love to have you! Opportunities for involvement include working in the thrift store, working in the food pantry, driving donations, and delivering meals.  

Fill out our application form to become a part of the CAG team.

Donate food or other items

Please go to our service page to learn more. ​


Client Testimonial

"This is a fantastic establishment. I was sent an invitation through the mail for assistance with Christmas presents for my kiddo, when i arrived they simply asked for proof of residence and then gave me multiple presents and filled the back seat of my car with food. These are fantastic people. Highly recommend supporting their business."