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Act Locally Golden chooses CAG as 2023 non profit partner

In a world with so many people needing a helping hand, it can be challenging to decide how to make a difference. That’s why two local residents, Audrey Waugh and Janet Green, started Act Locally in 2018 to support the local Golden non-profit community.

As Audrey explains: "We are a group of individuals with a desire to make an impact through giving and volunteerism locally. Our Giving Circle is located in Golden, CO, but we do have members from cities nearby. We encourage people from further away to create their own giving circle. Act Locally Golden's mission is to act for the better good of our local communities."

The group wants to positively impact the local community, while having fun and making new social connections. Act Locally Golden selects a local non-profit to support each year. The group donates their entire annual fees ($60/year/person) to this non-profit, in addition to giving back to them the entire year.

CAG’s executive director Kelly Ivan says: “We were very honored that Act Locally selected CAG in 2019 as their inaugural non-profit to support and we are thrilled to have been selected for a second time in 2023!

During 2019, Act Locally Golden donated to CAG’s Emergency Fund. Additionally, they hosted drives for food, clothing, back-to-school supplies/backpacks, and Santa Shop gifts as well as volunteering in CAG’s food bank.

If you want to be part of Act Locally Golden, visit their website or email

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