Action Guild

Please note we have temporarily closed our thrift shop and will not be accepting donations. 

We will do our best to keep our food pantry open and will only be accepting non perishable food. 


The Christian Action Guild is a non-profit organization built to serve the needs of those in our community who are experiencing hardship.

Golden, CO.

Food Pantry Health and Safety Policy-Covid 19

The order issued by Gov. Polis made exemptions for critical businesses. The CAG Food Pantry is a critical business that supports the most vulnerable members of our community. The CAG has implemented strict policies to ensure your health and safety.

  • All staff and volunteers are required to wear gloves and masks.

  • Will perform hygiene practices though out the day. Sanitation of surfaces and common areas with sanitation wipes or spray.  

  • We have asked our volunteers to respect the stay-at-home order. We have 8 trained volunteers who are working in shifts with no more then two volunteers at one time. The director and director’s assistant will be available each day for assisting and managing the new health and safety policy.

  • Respecting social distancing at 6 ft for clients, donors, staff and volunteers.

  • General public and clients remain outside the building.

  • Donations are dropped off in a designated area. Most items are sanitized prior to inventory.

  • Client food pick up is in a designated area.

  • Client check in is done through an outside window respecting the 6 ft rule.

  • All food is pre bagged by staff prior to the hours of distribution. Perishable items will be packaged upon check in.

  1. To provide support and empathy in an inclusive environment.

  2. To provide help for those in need in our community.

  3. To operate a food pantry in the Golden area for the benefit of local families and individuals.

  4. To provide short-term financial assistance to those experiencing crisis or sudden hardship

  5. To provide consultation and advice regarding additional support services in the vicinity.

Our Goal

To stock and sell gently-used clothing and household goods in our thrift shop to provide funds to support facility operations including the purchase of food pantry supplies.


To establish and maintain a staff of volunteers for operating the thrift shop and food pantry.  To seek volunteers who manifest the values of respect, collaboration, and service to others.


To develop and maintain connection with other community outreach services including local government, schools, churches, businesses, social services, civic organizations, and individuals.


To refer clients to supporting services to address any additional personal and financial needs.