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Love Letters to CAG

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

We love receiving love letters from clients. It makes a long day at the thrift store fly by and warms our heart. But we also appreciate constructive criticism! Feel free to send us feedback by emailing us.


The Christian Action Guild is a life saver for me. Before I had a need for food, I went to the thrift shop for men's clothing, always clean and a great bargain!
Then came the time when my social security didn't spend as far as I needed! the food bank helped! They have very compassionate and caring volunteers that help fill my needs for food. Kelly, the Director, and her very friendly staff have helped me more than any other agency or food bank! This facility offers clean clothing and home goods for sale and food for those in need.
Thank you Kelly, Kim and your entire staff of volunteers!


I have been a resident of the Golden community for six years. I am 70+ years old, part of the Gig Economy. I was doing very well financially. Then Covid hit. Like many others, my personal income took a major hit. I was told of the CAG Food Pantry by a friend. Initially, I was reluctant to ask for help. I decided to give it a chance. The CAG Food pantry has provided me with much needed and appreciated food! If you or your family is in need, visit the GAC Food Pantry. They will take wonderful care of you! It has made a significant difference for myself.


I first learned of the guild when my sister died and I took over care of there special needs child.
I want to thank Kelly and the guild for all of your assistance and the thrift shop for affordable items. Your pantry has helped my family through some difficult times off and on through the years and I am so grateful that I have been able to come here for help when we have needed it.
You have best quality off food! It's nice to know you are not jut trying to push expired food onto people in need like everyone else does. Thank you so much!


CAG has been there for my family for just over a year. We moved to Golden at the start of the pandemic which was a hard shift and still is, but since then we can't believe the support they've offered with having well balanced pantries, providing school supplies, and even getting holiday gifts for us and our kids around Easter and Christmas. CAG is an incredible community and has very generous donors... we are so very grateful.


I am writing this letter to thank you so very much for all that Kelly and the guild has done for my family for so many years now. I do not know what we would do if we did not have the help that this wonderful charity provides.
The food pantry is the best quality. They do not just try to pass off their expired food to people in needs. They try to make sure families are able to have meals.
We love you so much! Thank you!


This letter is for Kelly and all the helpers at CAG. Kelly has made a positive impact for CAG and the community. She has really made a positive name for herself. She makes sure everybody is taken care of and works very hard making sure there is always food and resources for everybody. Kelly is a incredible person and she has also made the Thrift store something affordable for everybody. Kelly is doing a great job.
Thank you Kelly for everything!


I want to thank Kelly at Christian Action Guild. she has helped me tremendously over the past few years when I was down on my luck. When my car was broke she paid to have it repaired. Which I could not afford.


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