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Christmas Under the Tree

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

This Christmas, we serve our community with extra vigor, and it is all thanks to generous donations from donors like you, that we can be a stable anchor for our clients.

How does it work:

Families and seniors of our Golden community will fill out a Christmas Wish List. Sponsors will then commit to fulfill this Christmas Wish List (or support the program financially). On December 21st, we'll have our Christmas Under the Tree event, where families will receive their gifts and also a Christmas Food Box with a Gift Card, sponsored by Safeway in Golden.

Fill out a Wish List

Are you a family or a senior living in Golden in need on a bit extra help this season? Please fill out one of the Wish Lists and submit to CAG by November 16th. Be mindful of your sponsor so max. $75 per person is recommended.

The CAG Christmas Under the Tree family event will be held on December 21st. All members of the family will be welcome to attend our Christmas event.

Become a Sponsor

Can you sponsor a family or a senior this year? Please join our sponsor list by November 19th. This year, we are asking if you can sponsor a family, an adult/senior household, and/or contribute monetary donations to the CAG. Any families not sponsored will be sponsored by the CAG.

For monetary donations, please click the button below:

If you are willing to sponsor a family or a person, we'll get you the lists shortly after November 19th. You have until December 17th to fulfill this list.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Please direct all questions to the CAG at

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