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2022 Food Pantry Review

CAG's mission is to provide sustainable food, financial assistance, and referrals to other community services to Golden area residents in crisis or experiencing hardship. Another year of fulfilling this mission is in the books!

The CAG Food Pantry was in more demand than ever in 2022! In fact, the need increased by 44% versus 2021. The demand was especially high over the summer and fall months and in total 6,836 individuals and 3863 households were served.

On top of this, the food costs increased by 34% and the donations from the grocery food rescue program - which is Target, Safeway, Natural Grocers and King Soopers - decreased by 17%. Overall CAG distributed 165,682 pounds of food in 2022.

The CAG Crisis Fund was less in demand than the year before with only 16 requests for rent, auto repair and utilities for a total of $10,904 vs. 20 requests in 2021 ($11,332) and a huge decrease versus the COVID year 2020 ($35,150).

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