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2021 Food Pantry Review

Our Food Pantry keeps being well received and get very positive feedback.

The need seems to be staying somewhat consistent since we served the same number of households as 2020, but less less individuals. Meaning, we have a higher number of adult households and less families.

Number of clients served in 2021:

  • 4790 individuals, 1315 households

  • 1160 Kids (30%)

  • 2871 Adults (70%)

The total weight of food distributed in 2021 was 142,318 pounds and we received 111,361 pounds from our community grocery partners, Target, Safeway, King Soopers and Natural Grocers.

There was a significant decrease of Crisis Fund request (only 32% of 2020) and in total CAG spent $11,332 in 2021 on this program. Of those requests, 73% was for rent, 15% for auto repair and 12% for utilities.

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