Food Pantry

The Christian Action Guild Food Pantry (CAG) is more than just a food pantry.  In addition to providing canned goods and other non-perishable food, the food pantry provides fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, baked goods, meat, and an assortment of beverages.  In addition to food and drinks, clients can receive personal care items, laundry detergent, pet care items and baby products.

The Food Pantry has implemented a “Nutritional Food Program”.   The goal of the program is to guarantee families receive fresh nutritional food. The items included in the program are items that can also be used to make nutritional meals. The CAG receives weekly donated grocery food items from local grocery stores, such as, King Soopers, Safeway, Natural Grocers, and Target.

The CAG Nutritional Food Program uses donations and thrift shop revenue to 

purchase the following items to ensure they can be provided to all clients.

  • Milk

  • Cheese

  • Butter

  • Eggs

  • Fruits and Vegetables

  • Canned goods

Registered clients receive a monthly allotment of products based on the size of their family and the number of children under the age of 18.

Laundry detergent is provided to clients every 90 days.

Overstock items vary and are available to all clients once a week when food pantry is open.

Clients must complete an application.

Those requesting assistance must provide:

  • A completed CAG application. 

  • Proof of Golden residency.

  • Proof of guardianship for children under 18.


The thrift shop stocks gently used clothing, books, toys and household items.  All thrift shop staff are volunteers.  All thrift shop revenue is used to support facility operations including the purchase of food pantry food and supplies.


Thrift shop space is limited, so we cannot accept:






Large appliances

Building materials

Infant items

Damaged items of any kind


Provide gifts to our client families and local school referrals.

Provide gifts to our adult and senior households.

Provide holiday food items.

Christian Action Guild

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