• To stock and sell gently-used clothing and household goods in our thrift shop to provide funds to support facility operations including the purchase of food pantry supplies.

  • To establish and maintain a staff of volunteers for operating the thrift shop and food pantry.  To seek volunteers who manifest the values of respect, collaboration, and service to others.

  • To develop and maintain connection with other community outreach services including local government, schools, churches, businesses, social services, civic organizations, and individuals.

  • To refer clients to supporting services to address any additional personal and financial needs.


The Christian Action Guild operates on donations and proceeds from the thrift shop. All operations are managed by a director and are performed by a a staff of volunteers. All food and supplies are made possible by donations and volunteer hours from the community.


The Christian Action Guild began in May of 1965 in a small out building of the Calvary Episcopal Church. Churches in Golden worked together to create the thrift shop, where low-income families could have access to reduced-price clothing and household goods. 

As they began to see the positive impact they were having on their community, they introduced the food pantry to further improve the lives of those in need. 

Through the years, the Christian Action Guild has been providing clothing, food, and an annual Santa shop for the Golden community.

Christian Action Guild

1401 Ford St. Golden, CO 80401